2012 Golden Globes Bridal Inspiration from the Red Carpet

I love watching the red carpet!  Seeing the gorgeous gowns, the jewels, the shoes, and of course…the hair and make-up!  It’s so great to see bold new looks and the classics that often come with a new spin.  Its the perfect place to get some fresh ideas for wedding day hairstyles.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the red carpet:

Charlize Theron always looks amazing! This was definitely one of my favorite looks on the red carpet.  It could easily be a bridal style.  I especially love the headband; it adds a little bit of bling and insinuates a sweet sexiness.  Can’t you just smell the J’adore!

Dianna Argon is stunning in this look.  I love how it’s up and swept off of her face, giving her a really clean look, but at the same time it’s not too tight.  It’s textured and the part is ever so softly swaying to the side.  Since the hair is completely off her face, it makes the bold red lips stand out even more.  Beautiful style for a bride!

This is a really simple low, side chignon but it stands out on Emma Stone.  If you’ve got pretty peepers like our girl Emma, going with a lash grazing side swept bang really brings attention to the eyes!

The Classic bun was a trend on the carpet at the golden globes, but I think Angelina wore it best!  She looks absolutely regal in this chic knotted bun.  I’m not usually a fan of the too smooth, tight back hair, however in this case, it looks really polished.  Again the make-up is accentuated by the hair being pulled back off the face.  If you’re going for a classic, elegant look on your big day, you can’t go wrong with this style.

I thought this was such a fun do!  It’s dressed up yet spunky.  It’s a pumped up pony tail with bold bangs and attitude!  For the more daring brides who want to try something different, I think this is pretty cool.

Modern family’s Sarah Hyland looks so great in this asymmetrical faux bob.  I love the softness of it and how only the one side has a few waves dropped out.  She looks youthful and stylish.  This is so perfect for a vintage wedding dress or a lacy open back gown.  I could totally see this going down the aisle.  I can’t wait to try this hairstyle on some of my brides.

Reese Witherspoon is the picture of tousled perfection in this shot.  The volume is great and the texture is spot on!  Bed head’s never looked better.  One might not think Bridal right away, but this could be a really sexy look for a bride who’s getting married on the beach!

Beautiful voluminous waves look great!  If you’ve got long locks like Elle McPherson, why put it up?  Show it off and swing it around at your reception.  Its the kind of hair we all wish we had, and if you don’t, there’s always extensions!

Short Wedding Hairstyles!

Many of my brides are concerned with growing their hair for the wedding.  I say, why not wear it short?  There are ways to dress up a short do and it can be very alluring.  If your hair is about chin length you can still make it look like an updo with some advanced styling techniques and the right stylist.  Check out some of these dressed up short tresses…


Winter Wedding Whimsy!

In the old days, no one wanted to get married in the winter, but the new school rules are anything goes!  More and more people are getting married in the winter, and with the right touches, it can be a beautifully romantic affair!  Check out these pics from real winter weddings that caught my attention.  I hope they inspire you to think outside of the summer wedding box!

Add drama to your down-style, get Clip-in Extensions!

If you’re anything like me when I got married, you LOVE long full hair!  I was determined to grow my hair as long as I possibly could until the big day.  I found, however, that even though it was long, it wasn’t as full as I wanted it to be.  This is when I gave in to getting myself some clip-in extensions, and what a difference more hair makes!
I have to say I couldn’t stop flipping my hair around, I felt so glamorous.  I wore my hair down and softly curled.  Had I not worn the extensions it would’ve looked much shorter because of the curl factor.
Mostly all my brides who are wearing their hair down are choosing to get clip-ins as well.  It can really add a whole new look to your hair.  Once you have them you can use them for other special occasions.  How fun would it be to wear them at your bachelorette party?  Or just for a night out with your new hubby!
Here are some before and after pics of girls without and with extensions:

Here are some of our brides who wore clip in extensions for their weddings:

  Clip in extensions are much more affordable than bonded or sewn-in extensions, and you can put them in and take them out on your own.    They are a great way to add some “wow” factor to your bridal hairstyle.

Pre-Wedding Hair Color!

Brides tend to shy away from doing color before their weddings.  Too close to the wedding with a stylist you don’t know might be risky, but a month or two before would be ideal to try something out.  Whether you’re just refreshing your color, or trying something new, you need a little time before the big day to figure out what’s right for you.
I love seeing dimensional color on a bride.  You’ll notice that you’re able to see a lot more detail in a hairstyle when there are some highlights in it.  Lighter colors catch more light than darker hair, although darker hair tends to look shinier because it reflects the light.  Here are some examples of why dimensional color would benefit your bridal look:

These two are similar hairstyles and you can see a lot more detail and definition on the girl with more highlights.

This sleek look is perfect for hair that is all one color because it has less intricacy.
This look is less intricate as well.  It probably looked pretty in person but I think the movement of the hairstyle gets lost in the picture.  You’re not really able to see what it looks like, had she had at least some subtle highlights, light would catch the curves of the chignon and you’d be able to see more detail in photos.
This beautiful hairstyle is accentuated by  the dimension in her color.  Without it the hairstyle would look more like this next picture.
This is a lot like the previous picture.  While still a great hairstyle, you can’t really see the swirls and twirls in the hair because of the lack of dimensional hair color.
No dimensional color here, however, it looks great because this hairstyle is more about sleekness and  polish.
It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go blonde to get dimensional hair color.  If you’re hair is dark brown or black, you can go with chesnut brown highlights, or warmer caramel colored highlights.  If you’re going for the all one color look, get a glaze to boost your hue and add lots of shine!

Bridal Hair Do’s: Inspiration from the Red Carpet…

Almost every bride has a celebrity hairstyle in mind when she comes in for a trial. It’s pretty safe to say that bridal styling often gets its inspiration from the red carpet.  It’s your time to shine like a star if only for one day!  Lets take a look at some of the hairstyles from this year’s red carpet events:

I love this for a garden wedding.  It’s formal enough for a wedding but  the wavy texture and loose pieces make it feel slightly unkempt. This could be really cool for the bride who doesn’t like hair that’s “too perfect”.
Taylor Swift went with her signature curls but this time a little more toned down and with a retro flare.
Carrie Underwood looks beautiful and relaxed in her loose, feather back waves.
Amy Adams looks great in this loose up-style.  I love the soft uneven pieces coming down at the sides, they add  a modern touch.
Selena Gomez looks perfectly stylish and youthful in this soft wavy pony.  Once again the uneven pieces framing the face look great.  I think this would be a great choice for flirty look on a bride.
The French Twist is making a comeback!  Seen here in three different ways, Natalie Portman wearing it very classic and simple, Guiliana Rancic’s looks more loose and sweeping, a little more sexy, and Emma Stone has it all swept away from her face for a very fresh look.  I’m thinking there might be some French twists in the near future of Bridal
This simple up-style is instantly given a whole new look with a subtle wave left out, modern yet perfectly polished.
Mila Kunis looks gorgeous in this vintage finger-wave do!  The sharp side part and low pinning in the back give her a feminine yet bold presence.
Looks like Taylor’s liking the retro hair.  This glossy, wavy, faux bob looks beautiful on  her and is a great way to glam up a simple wedding dress.
Elizabeth Banks is wearing her hair down, wavy and off the side, a la Veronica Lake.
Nina Dobrev got a lot of attention this year for her look at the Emmys.  This down style is perfect for someone with long hair like Nina’s.  If you could look this great on your wedding day, who says you cant wear your hair down?
So This picture is actually from last year’s Emmy awards but I thought the style was deserving of mention.  It’s a perfectly balanced upstyle with volume in the back as well as the front, and I love that its got some texture, not completely smooth.  I could definitely see this on bride.
A pregnant Beyonce looked great at the MTV music awards and her hairstyles never disappoint.  Off to the side, and sweeping over her eyes, she looks sweet and sexy.  I’ve done this type of hairstyle on many brides and bridesmaids.

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Day looks!

It’s the wedding so many people have been waiting to see.. Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries!  Kim is a huge style icon for this generation. I can’t tell you how many times I get brides coming in with pictures of her hairstyles.  Naturally everyone had their eyes out for what Kim would wear.  I ‘m sure there will be a wave of trending after Kim’s 3 wedding day looks.

Look # 1:  The Princess
  For her ceremony, Kim chose a classic ballgown.  For her hairstyle, she wore a sleek chignon and jeweled band adorning her forehead ( a nod to her Armenian heritage).  Not what I would’ve expected to see on her but the more I look at it, the more it suits her.  Her make-up was flawless as usual.  Not too overdone for the ceremony.  

Look # 2: The Diva
  Kim was radiant in a fitted, flamenco style dress that really showed off her curves.  She let down her hair to reveal glossy, polished waves and vintage side part.  
Look # 3:  The Starlet
  Her last look was my personal favorite (seen below, third to the right).  She looked like a 1950’s Hollywood star!  She chose an off-white satin, mermaid style gown.  Her coveted long waves were still in a side part, but for this look she added a beautiful antique-looking jeweled piece.  It added just the right touch of glamour.    I must add that I love the contrast of her almost black hair with the white of her dresses.  Dark hair may also be a growing trend for some brides.     
  So it may not be feasible for most of us to indulge in three wedding day looks from dresses to tresses but you can go for a different reception look without getting a whole new outfit.  Just take us with you! Styling the Bride is now offering packages that offer services extending after your all done getting ready.  It’s like having your own personal beauty assistant for the day!  We have half-day (through the ceremony and pre-reception photos) and whole-day packages (through the reception).  If you book either of these packages, a change of hairstyle and make-up application is included!  Check out our website or call us at 201-636-2722 to find out more!  

Bridal Bootcamp Event

This past Monday Sept 12th we attended a great event put together by The Wedding Salon called “Bridal Bootcamp” at Jenny Yoo’s bridal boutique in Manhattan (BTW ladies, she has amazing bridesmaid dresses if you’re still looking).  We had the chance to meet some newly engaged couples and other vendors in the bridal industry.  What I loved about this event was that it gave each vendor a chance to talk about it’s respective field and the role it plays in the world of weddings. 
Three questions were asked of each vendor: 
1.  Tell us about your company and what you do 
2.  Tips and trends in your industry?
3.  How to save on your wedding?

 Naturally I was a bit nervous speaking in front of a crowd but I realized that these brides were intently listening and seeking advice. 

Here’s a little bit about what we do:
Styling The Bride is the bridal department of Substance Salon that specializes only in bridal hair and make-up.  When you come in for your trial, you will be greeted by our welcoming staff and a glass of champagne!  Whatever your vision for the day of your wedding, our stylists will be intuitive to your needs while giving you professional suggestions to look your best.  You can try several styles during your trial as we book plenty of time for your appointment.  For “wedding day” services we offer in-salon as well as off-premise services for your convenience.  We’ll travel to your choice of location, anywhere in the tri-state area.   If you’ll be getting ready in the salon, you’ll enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast and Mimosas!
 Newest Trends in bridal styling
We are finding that many brides are looking for the softer look.  Romantic is in!  Following the trends of bridal gowns, hair and make-up is looking much more vintage and lady-like.  Glossy waves, faux bobs and birdcage veils are all the rage. 


 Hair accessories are white-hot right now.
Jewels, feathers or flowers make your style pop.  Even the most simple hairstyle can be dramatized with a beautiful hair accessory.  
Pin-up girl make-up is also making a strong comeback to compliment the retro fashions.Thick cat-eye liner, rosy cheeks and bold lips are a great way to channel your
“Old Hollywood Glamour”! 


 Some tips that I have for brides are to always, always have a hair & make-up trial 2-3 months prior to your wedding.  You don’t want to take any chances on the day of your wedding.  Also, keep an open mind at your trial.  You may love something that you’ve never even considered.


If you’re looking to save a little money, you can come in for your trial when you have an event to go to, like your bridal shower, engagement shoot, or another wedding.  This way you have a reason to be dolled up and you get to have your trial all in one day.  If you’re worried about others seeing your wedding day look, we can always alter it before you leave so that no one gets a sneak peek!

Visit our website for more information. StylingTheBride.com 

Call us to book your hair & make-up trial with a bridal specialist (201) 636-2722