Pre-Wedding Hair Color!

Brides tend to shy away from doing color before their weddings.  Too close to the wedding with a stylist you don’t know might be risky, but a month or two before would be ideal to try something out.  Whether you’re just refreshing your color, or trying something new, you need a little time before the big day to figure out what’s right for you.
I love seeing dimensional color on a bride.  You’ll notice that you’re able to see a lot more detail in a hairstyle when there are some highlights in it.  Lighter colors catch more light than darker hair, although darker hair tends to look shinier because it reflects the light.  Here are some examples of why dimensional color would benefit your bridal look:

These two are similar hairstyles and you can see a lot more detail and definition on the girl with more highlights.

This sleek look is perfect for hair that is all one color because it has less intricacy.
This look is less intricate as well.  It probably looked pretty in person but I think the movement of the hairstyle gets lost in the picture.  You’re not really able to see what it looks like, had she had at least some subtle highlights, light would catch the curves of the chignon and you’d be able to see more detail in photos.
This beautiful hairstyle is accentuated by  the dimension in her color.  Without it the hairstyle would look more like this next picture.
This is a lot like the previous picture.  While still a great hairstyle, you can’t really see the swirls and twirls in the hair because of the lack of dimensional hair color.
No dimensional color here, however, it looks great because this hairstyle is more about sleekness and  polish.
It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go blonde to get dimensional hair color.  If you’re hair is dark brown or black, you can go with chesnut brown highlights, or warmer caramel colored highlights.  If you’re going for the all one color look, get a glaze to boost your hue and add lots of shine!

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